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Contemplation The Sacred earth

February 14 @ 19:00 - 20:30

We like to invite you to our contempation about the Sacred Earth held on wednesday 14/2 – 19:00 CET

This is a spoken contemplation, accompanied by music, explores the Sacred Earth.

Quote from our contemplation: “The centre of god, so of love, is everywhere. So, each living entity, from atoms to galaxies, is connected to the harmonizing power of this inner Light. Everything is unified from its invisible centre to every other centre that also lies within this field of the Divine.”
Our contemplation is a wonderful opportunity for inner peace and spiritual connection. 🌹We hope to meet you coming Wednesday.

About our contemplations

Our contemplative gatherings offer a brief interlude amidst the day’s activities, inviting us to open our hearts to the silence within. Our contemplations are designed for quiet reflection, so there will be no verbal exchanges. We open the space 10 minutes before the start of our contemplation, allowing you a moment to settle in and embrace the tranquillity. We’d like to encourage you to create a distraction-free environment to fully experience the moment.

During our meetings, contemplative texts will be shared to connect us with the divine essence that lies within our hearts. These texts will be interwoven with moments of silence, providing a space to absorb and reflect on the spiritual insights shared.

As we conclude our contemplation, we depart in silence, carrying the invaluable treasure of inner silence with us. We hope these moments will enrich your heart, leaving a deep imprint of tranquillity and enlightenment.


February 14
19:00 - 20:30